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Our Team

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Maryke Brown
Founder & Creative Executive

We like to roll a bit differently, we are non-traditional, valued for our ideas and creative engagement and damn we are fun.

We aim to keep building our business, growing it from strength to strength, becoming a trusted and respected leader in the creative; and events field whilst never losing sight of our principles, ambitions and love for what we do.

Making Dreams Come True...
and events a reality.


Matt Brown CA(SA)
Strategic & Finance Executive

Matt is known to have extensive people skills and is a role model not only to his peers, but to many of his colleagues as well. He is regarded as a trusted advisor for both our clients and Musiek Unlimited. Matt actively participates in advising in our strategic direction and bestows a culture within teams that is success-driven but values all opinions and inputs. When it comes to clients, Matt strives to ensure they are made part of the Musiek Unlimited Experience.

“...the ability to analyse issues and exercise sound professional judgment.”


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What They're Saying

Stress free event planning

I have had the pleasure of working with Maryke from Musiek Unlimited Events on several occasions. Her attention to detail and absolute passion for what she does always assures a top quality, successful event. Musiek Unlimited is your one stop shop for timeous, budget friendly and stress free event planning. Maryke goes out of her way to meet her clients' expectations and delivers a top class, professional service.

Sune de Kock

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